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Workforce Africa – The Duo with a Continental Dream

Workforce Africa - The Duo with a Continental Dream

Workforce Africa may be assumed to be just any other recruitment firm. It is not. The firm, owned by two friends, Sam and Chris has been operational for five years now and it is slowly growing to be a top HR firm in Africa, born in Kenya.

The owners are employed, yes – working for multi-national organizations here in Nairobi. They get time to oversee the company’s activities only after their daytime jobs and on weekends. They are working hard to ensure that Workforce Africa becomes the HR firm of choice to top companies on the continent.

Workforce Africa is a HR solutions provider dedicated in the provision of Human Resource Management services across Africa.  While working on their website, the owners were particular on the layout – they wanted a really simple to navigate website, that scrolls up and down upon clicking on any page link.

Check out their website, powered by Web Design Kenya by clicking on this link: www.workforceafrica.co.ke


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