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Why you do not need an office, yet

So you are ready with your business idea. You have saved enough money and you feel that you are now ready to set out onto your entrepreneurship venture. Well, you do not need an office yet. This is why you not need an office, yet.

After you have paid your landlord their first deposit, are you sure that within the month you will be able to raise enough money to for the rent? A new business may not be able to pay for the office in the first few days of inception.

The main reason here is; you do not yet have a sure client base. For this reason, you can work from home instead. Have your meetings at a hotel, or go to the client’s office instead for the meeting. This will give you time to see if the business can be able to sustain itself.

There’s prestige that comes with having your own office, sure. But if it is a new business, you may leap, then find yourself in trouble after a few days. Having an office means that you need to pay for licenses, pay for the electricity bill, have it cleaned and many other activities and bills that require extra expenditure.

When I started out, I was arrested by the council askaris before I even completed renovating the offices – I did not have a business permit yet. Learning the hard way.

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