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Why Isn’t Anyone Visiting My Website?

Why Isn't Anyone Visiting My Website?

There is always a feeling of desperation when your website is not gaining the expected traffic. It is overwhelmingly going to slow down your web activity and this is eventually a cut off in regard to online business.

However, you must also be aware that it is a gradual process and patience is what you need before confetti fall on your website in the name of fulfilling success.

I am going to point out some of the miscalculated errors:

  1. You have minimal or no backlinks at all. You have to redirect your readers back to you most probably if they are looking for what you have. Backlinks will improve your SEO rankings and this way your audience is able to get to you. You must critically consider that links you have are good quality. This way, your website feels authentic.
  2. Your content is irrelevant. I know how much effort it took for you to decide what to write about, the energy you spent looking for synonyms and antonyms all in the name of good grammar and so forth. Believe me, we writers have all been there. Just to encourage you, your content is appealing except not to your market audience. Find something better to write about, something that can keep your buyers entertained, something you think they want to know about. How about you coordinate with your customer service department and find out what your customers are all about or even go an extra mile to view your social media engagements which brings us to…
  3. Your social media engagement is below average. It is poor. Yes, your social life on the gram is a mess. Wait! Do you own active social media pages for your business? Are you diverse in the social media sites or you are happy to only engage on Facebook? I am not asking you to be the “king” of media, but you need to engage more and draw your consumers to your website, know what they want and possibly solve their online queries. This is otherwise entertaining, believe me.
  4. Your website interface is complex for the average human. You know, internet is not something most of us were born in except for this lucky new generation. You don’t want to limit your audience by engaging only nerds and geeks. I must admit that the younger you are, the friendlier the internet and all this massive technology thingy gets. So, if you are not comfortable using it, then so are 3/5 people around you.
  5. Your website outlook is unpleasant. Taste and preference is a natural instinct we all carry. If we don’t agree with the colors, the fonts, the graphics and all you have to display then we don’t like it so you need to forget about us ever visiting again, soon. Check how this website attracts the eye.
  6. Your titles are not catchy. A heading is everything that tells us what the content is all about. From the heading I can guess whether or not I should read this content. Always be precise and concise, avoid being wordy and using a lot of understatements. In other terms, go straight to the point.
  7. You are invested in creation rather than promotion. It is important you created content that entertains the reader and leaves them wanting more but you cannot deny that the sole purpose of your website is promotion of products and services. Therefore, invest more time in promotion.
  8. You have limited keyword density. Ensure that you have keywords heavily running through out your article. Check your competitors’ websites and other related ones and see what they are jotting about. You will never go wrong with your website.
  9. You invested in the wrong web developers. Lastly, if all this is happening to you then you clearly got the wrong services from the wrong providers. Always do your research before seeking services from a particular provider. It is best to choose web gurus to handle your website and give you the best of what services you deserve.

Now you must use this as a checklist for your website.