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Why Is There No One Visiting Your Website?

Why Is There No One Visiting Your Website?

After successfully launching your website or blog site, the expectations are that there will be visitors who will either read your posts or inquire on the services that you offer. However, this is not the case for most of the websites or most blogs in Kenya. The following are reasons why your website or blog may not be getting any visitors.

  • Your are not on Google

After successfully launching your website under your chosen domain name, you will need to add it to search engines in order to be found easily. If no one knows about your domain name, then they will find it among Google search results.

  • You are not credible

If you are a news website or a blog site owner, the content you post must be trusted. Otherwise after the first visit, people never come back, ever. If you are also asking people to part with money via your website, it may be assumed to be a scam or something close to that. Kenyans are particularly peculiar on this one.

  • You are not on social media

Most of us are on social media. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn are the most popular social media channels in Kenya. If you do not tell people about your website via social media, then you may as well never get anyone coming to your website

  • Your cousin did your website

You saved thousands, right? Good websites do not come cheap. If your website is sketchy, not mobile user friendly, then think of getting it redesigned.


Website traffic relies on many other factors including creating a good sitemap, search engines indexing your website, the type of content you have, if you are blogging or not, but all this begins from the look and feel of your website.

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