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Why Do I Need a Website When I Have Offline Marketing Strategies?

Why Do I Need a Website When I Have Offline Marketing Strategies?

You do not have a business if you do not have a marketing strategy – what you have is a hobby. Companies spend millions daily to do brochures, business cards, flyers, TV commercials, billboards and more. Those are all multiple ways of telling the world about your business.

A website is your marketer, 24 hours a day. It is also the most affordable modern way of telling the world about your business. The following are reasons that answer the question: Why Do I Need a Website When I Have Offline Marketing Strategies?

Easy Access – Anyone can access your website whenever they want.

Credibility – Having a website shows your seriousness to make more customers If you don’t have Website then people who search for you on Internet may assume that you are just like any other company who is not serious to have potential customers.

Cost Effective – Building a website open up more marketing strategies for you. Instead of just writing some text and making others know about your product/services the better option is to promote your website on social media and have your online presence in a well-stabilised manner. Having a website is one time investment whereas printing brochure and flyers will cost you again and again.

Increase in Global Presence – Your website make your presence globally, any person from anywhere in the world can know about your services/products very easily. Its great source to increase your customer base online.

Customer Support – Other advantage of having your own website is you can provide online customer support. If you have Q&A/Forums on your website, then your users can directly interact with you and can freely asks for more information.

Testimonials – Your existing customers can write testimonials for you which can increase confidence in new customers for your services.

Information – You can manage your website by deciding what all information should be visible for users and what gallery to be displayed online.

Sales – Your website can sell products at any time. It is not restricted to just the business hours. This can provide a dramatic boost to your sales.

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