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What makes a great business logo

What makes a great business logo

A logo is the face of the business. Your business may offer the best services in the market, however, if the logo does not look up to standard, then you may loose out on a lot of business opportunities. The following are a few tips on what makes a great business logo.

Appropriate – A good logo should match the business. For example if your business offers Accounting services, then your logo should be able to depict that. This can be achieved buy using suitable icons or drawings, the choice of appropriate colors etc.

Simple – An easy to remember logo is what you should go for. A simple logo in this case could be the name of the business curved out nicely or the initials of the name curved out or an icon/drawing that is unique to your business. A good example in Kenya is the Safaricom logo.

Timeless – Your logo should be able to survive the changes of time. New designs come up everyday. New font types are created each day. If your logo is not timeless, then it may look outdated, after a while – and this may not work well with your business. A good example is the CocaCola logo.

Memorable – After simplicity above, a great business logo should spark a conversation or a thought. A great logo should stand out and be memorable.

Black and White – How would your logo look if it did not have color? Test your logo as a black and white image. A logo that maintains all the above characteristics while it is just black and white, it is a logo that can work well no matter the background.

Before you set out on a logo design, it is okay to brain-storm. You could also draw the logo on a piece of paper and show it to your designer.

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