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Why your website may not be appearing on Google or any other search engines

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Website not appearing on Google – Once we create a website, blog or online shop, we expect that the world becomes aware of it, visits the website and in turn give us business. What some of us do not know, is that the world will not know that your website exists, if you don’t tell them.

Google is a database, collecting data each second from millions of websites across the world. Google as an entity itself, will submit this information to anyone, upon request. So Google will not display or give out information that it has no access to.

After designing your website, you need to ask Google to come and crawl your website, collect the data, save the data in its own servers and submit this information to the world upon request – meaning Google will help direct people to your website (This is called indexing). Same case with all the other search engines. The most popular search engines in the World after Google are Yahoo Search, Bing Search, Ask.com among others.

In case you have submitted your website and it does not still appear on the search results, the following could be the reasons.

  • Your website may be blacklisted

Some search engines have strict terms of service. You can check if your website has been blacklisted by using the Google Web Master Tools. Some of the reasons for blacklisting a website could be; your website contains malware, your website contains hacking information or your website deals in illegal business

  • Your SEO is bad/Your keyword is competitive

Most search engines require that a website be optimized for specific search terms. For example, if your website is about ‘online shopping’, then your website should be optimized with the search term ‘online shopping’, so as if someone was searching for online shopping on Google, your website will be among the search result. For this, you need a developer to assist

Why own a website that no one know about?