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Ukambani’s Number 1 News Website

Blogs are popular. Especially blogs with gossip. It is hard believing some of the stories shared by blogs; they are either too good to be true, too scary or something of the sort. However, there are many legitimate blogs out here. is a news website, top in the Ukambani region of Kenya. It has earned its trust overtime as a great news source. The news website, designed by Kenyan web design talent, has been sharing stories daily, and has a great following. The site is really easy to use, as the stories are laid out in specific categories, e.g politics, lifestyle, jobs, etc. You can also place advertisement on the website, if you are an entrepreneur, targeting those specific readers.

We believe that web design helps pass information and it should be nurtured. Websites need not take minutes to load. Nowadays, CMS is more popular than HTML & php, because such websites are already optimized. Such sites also allow multi-user capability. has various writers, stationed across the Ukambani region. Each of these writers has their own account on the site, where they can easily log in, post a story, then notify the editor to approve.

Let’s grow Kenyan talent. Whenever you need a website, meet top Kenyan talented via, and get your website or blog created at very affordable rates.

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