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This Side Hustle Can Make You One Thousand Bob A Day

If your daily job requires that you access the internet, then this is the best business that you can start out on, as a side hustle. Most of us use our phones to read stuff online. We love being in the know. Can you write interesting content on any topic? This can be about your daily encounters, about a hobby or just sharing knowledge on a topic that you have extreme knowledge on. This Side Hustle Can Make You One Thousand Bob A Day.

Get paid daily for writing. How you will do this is by either writing or doing videos on this and posting them on your blog or YouTube channel.

Here is how it works:

Blogging: If you can write an article a day, then get yourself a professional blog. Do not use the free WordPress sub-domain blogs for this – if your intention is to make money. You can hire affordable blog and website designers like to do a professional design for you.

Once you have your blog site up, start posting original content. You need to write a few unique articles for this to work. You can direct people to your articles by sharing via your social media channels. After a few days of doing this, sign up for Google Adsense.

Google Adsense is a platform created by Google to allow placement of ads on publishers’ websites, for compensation. In order to make good money via Adsense, you need to have visitors coming to your blog and clicking on the ads. Do not think that you will click on your own ads and get paid. Google monitors all traffic and clicks and will easily know when a click is not genuine. There are many articles online that can help increase your earnings via Adsense.

YouTube/Vlogging: Many music artistes and Kenyan comedians nowadays would do anything for video views, including starting fake beef so as we watch out for their latest releases. For every view their videos get, they get paid. This is achieved by the millions of dollars spent by businesses worldwide on advertising campaigns.

Almost all YouTube videos nowadays have a ‘Skip Ad’ option. As if that is not enough, a lower third advert will show up, as you watch. You could even get interrupted in the middle of a video, just to watch an advert.

Can you do video tutorials? That is an awesome way to get views and get paid in the long run.

Start now – make money online.

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