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Share Job Vacancies, Get Paid

People are leaving work daily, more are getting employed. The job market is massive. People who need jobs in Kenya are in millions. You can capitalize on this, be on the look out for new vacancies and share to the world. You will get paid in the long run. Here is how to Share Jobs Vacancies, Get Paid

How it works:

Create a professional job listing website first. Click HERE to check out an example. This should be affordable. Find a source for the vacancies. You can start by checking out recruitment agency websites and re-posting the jobs to your own website. The target here is to get people coming through your website.

Sign up for Adsense or look for advertisers yourself. You can charge advertisers from a few thousands per month or hundreds of thousands, depending on the amount of traffic you get. You can always bring people to your website through sharing via social media. Grow your hustle – Share Jobs, Get Paid

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