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How much should web design cost?

How much should web design cost?

Almost all businesses need a website. In this generation, the internet has made it so easy to pass information unlike before. Almost each one of us has access to the internet.

Websites help build our businesses. A website will showcase your services or products, tell the world about your services, your contact information, any offers you have and more. Before you set out on getting a website, it is wise to shop around, see how much web design companies charge and what you get for the money you pay.

First of all, a website should always have a unique domain name – this is the address visitors will type onto their browsers in order to reach your website e.g www.webdesignkenya.co.ke This domain name is usually paid for, per year. The price of a domain name varies depending on the extension e.g a.com would cost you averagely Ksh. 1000 per year, a .co.ke may cost you Ksh. 1500 per year etc. Click here to check out more domain name prices.

Before you register a domain name for your website, you first need to do a search and confirm if the domain name s available or if it is already bought by someone else – tip – the shorter the domain, the better.

Once you have a domain name, you need hosting space. The hosting space is meant for hosting the files of your website and any emails that you get under your domain name. Hosting prices also vary. This may also depend on your needs to – do you need a small hosting package since your website will just a one page simple website or do you need unlimited space for a blog? Web hosting starts from Ksh. 1000, paid each year.

Web design pricing depends on the scope of work. Different companies will charge you different prices also depending on the number of pages or the type of website. An eCommerce website is expected to be charged more due to the additional features added to enable eCommerce. A blog is expected to be affordable, since most of them just require a template. Webdesign should not be expensive. In the modern design world, there are popular Content Management Systems that have come to ease design, without so much coding. Before you set out on your website redesign or new website design project, it is wise to do some research.

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