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How To Gift Your Church with a FREE Website today

How To Gift Your Church with a FREE Website today

Whether we like or not, the technology age is here and each one of us has to embrace the fact that the internet is making our lives easier, especially as a communication tool. Some of us are members of churches with several overheads that would not allow you to have an individual way of reaching out to the community, digitally.

A church website is a great thing with some of the benefits including: showcasing past or upcoming events, a gallery, announcements, articles or an inspiration stories section, videos and much more.

Web design is an expensive venture to some individuals and organizations. However, is making this available to all Kenyan churches. creates professional church websites for free – it does not matter the denomination. In a campaign to spread God’s word to the modern world,’s mission is to help spread the gospel to millions of internet users.

Click here to sign up and gift your home church with a free website today.

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