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How To Get Paid for Sharing Videos Online

They say the best things in life are free. Part of the reason why Facebook, Google and the rest of the online apps that are free to use are so popular and making billions in return. There is no going back on internet accessibility and so far, this has made information readily available to almost each one of us.

If you wish to make money online, there are many legitimate ways to make money – do not fall for online scams. A successful business fills a need – there is a need for information everywhere. You could share news, music, comedy, gossip and the likes, as video content. Click HERE to see a sample video blog that you can get for yourself.

You will need an entrepreneurial mind-set for this one to work. Here are tips on how to get paid for sharing videos online:

Create your own website

For this idea to work, you will need to have your own website, under a unique domain name (e.g www.thevideospot.com). If you have the skills, you can design the website yourself, then buy the domain name and hosting from a company. You could also contract this job to experienced designers. Click HERE if interested in getting your blog done by top designers.

Share unique content

There are many other websites that may be sharing the same information that you have. How about you be more creative and make your content unique? For your website visitors to feel entertained, educated or whatever intent that you have, make your content unique.

Tell the world about your website

Who wants to own a website that no one knows about? In order for you to benefit from your online platform, you have to tell the world about your website. You can do this by listing your website in directories e.g the Kenya Websites Directory, you can also do this by sharing on social media. You may not have access to so many people when you start out, but you can try posting to Facebook Groups. It works magic.

Sign up for Google Adsense

Publishers are now making millions through Google Adsense. How it works is: you allow Google to place advertisements on your website and depending on the number of visitors you get, you get paid. You could also contract an experienced company to set this up for you.

Promote Local Content

The best way to make money via your online video blog, is by asking for a small fee from the content owners before you post it. This depends on how many people visit your website. You can ask from Ksh. 10K for every 100K page views.


It takes patience and hard work. In order to get good money through your blog, you will need to put time into it and keep posting every now and then. Finally, ensure that your website is mobile user friendly, in fact, put mobile first. 80% of the website visitors may not own computers, and for you to retain them, make their experience awesome.

Grow your hustle.

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