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Here is how to make money by offering training via online platforms

Education never ends. When you think you are pro in your field, new things just keep coming up. Each one of us needs to be schooled in some skill. This can be for work or just for fun, but there is always a need for learning. Nowadays most of us care more about the convenience of the learning process. Hence the trend of many Universities and Colleges giving online courses. Here is how to make money by offering training via online platforms.

There is vocational training and some basic life skills that many of us wish we had. We would not care if we have a certificate to show that we have the skill or not. These are life skills. Examples in this case are cooking skills, basic graphic design, basic accounting etc.

If you are already expert in any field, how about you offer training, online and get paid for doing it? Charge the learners or sign up for Google Adsense. You can do tutorial videos or have a students portal to facilitate this. Check out this Learning Management System for example:

With that, you can be able to create your own custom curriculum and charge some small fee for the training sessions. Grow your hustle.

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