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You are driving customers away from your website

You are driving customers away from your website

You want your website to help you get more customers. However, you are driving customers away from your website, by making the following three mistakes.

Your website is noisy

If your website is playing music every time that a visitor lands on any page, you might leave the visitor scrambling for the volume controls, or closing the site altogether. Noise can also be in terms of having crowded content that the visitor gets hard to comprehend what is going on. A neat clean website should be the way to go – after all, your website depicts your business image.

It is not responsive

Not all people own laptops. In fact, over 70% of your website visitors will access your website via their mobile phones. It is a pain when a user sees half the page of your website, as it is so unresponsive that they cannot see all the content via the phone. They will move onto the next.

Premature Registration

We all know that most small businesses depend on collection of data. But if you ask your users to submit their information too soon, then they may move onto the next website. It is human nature.