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5 Vivid Signs Your Website is Boring

5 Vivid Signs Your Website is Boring

You must have had of “BWS” if that is even a thing. Boring website syndrome… if it isn’t really a thing then why is it happening to your website? Why then do you relate with it?

  1.     No opportunity for your viewers to interact with you.

It is all laughter and joy when we click to your website after it pops up first after Google search results only to find no room to express ourselves. What happens to the burning questions we have for you? What about our comments to your service, uh?

Less interactive websites will lower your search engine rankings. Therefore, we will not be able to even find your website easily as you may imagine. Allow for visitors to throw in comments here and there. Most times they are looking for leads to access your products better.

  1. Imbalanced graphic distribution.

There is roughly nothing else but endless strings of boring text giving us memories of Ngugi Wa Thiong’o’s The river Between. Even overwhelmed Bible pages have pictures attached to them here and there but you are serving unending strings of mundane text without careful interruptions of graphics.

Incorporating catchy pictures, adorable videos and GIFs can increase readability. Graphics help the reader to visualize the information on your website creating a more friendly understanding between them and your products. Imagine if early school didn’t teach the alphabet with captivating pictures attached. At times the tutor would go miles ahead to bring physical presentations of the pictures. It means at that early stage we would never get to understand easily what some of those words meant if not for the picture presentations.

It is advisable to include relevant but captivating pictures to accompany your text and create diversity and to keep your viewers entertained. Going overboard to hire graphic designers won’t hurt.

  1.   Outdated website. 

Have you come across a blank page with the 404 error somewhere? This is what your webpage is showing your viewers. You have probably never updated or have taken more than a year without updating your website. Also, your website could be under construction. This explains the unresponsiveness of links both internal and external, attached to your content. Regular updates fix plug-ins and bugs to minimize errors and give your website smoothness in link and page transitions. Updated websites are compatible with the way search engines work.

Updating your website will keep your customers’ needs satisfied because they will be able to interact with up-to-date information, building their trust in your services. Google also considers regular updated websites as Search Engine worthy. I recommend updating your website at least once a month or as often as you can. Updates might cost you time, energy and money but will eventually be a major boost to your website’s functionality.  Whether you own a blog, e-commerce or corporate website, regular updates might just be what you have in common.

  1.  Outdated content. 

Websites that rely on content management systems for search engine optimization need to legit carry out regular content updates more than anyone. This cuts across for blogs dealing with current affairs like sports, fashion, and news. Regular content keeps your customers entertainment needs satisfied.

There is a high rate of information explosion, that is, too much information springing up each passing moment, making it difficult to keep up. However, if you don’t take time to fish out the latest relevant pieces of information, others will do it for you, giving them the proper advantage of having more viewers.

It is important to use content that matches the purpose of your website to maintain relevance and expand your Content Management System.

  1. Lack of originality.

You have seen this attractive website that you love to go to weekly because of their exciting blogs. You start to think this how your website should look so you go ahead and borrow their color themes, template design and possibly even content. Strategic website suggests that copying website template may cause users to feel your website is cheap and unprofessional.

A boring website could be the outcome of not investing in world class web designers to handle your web development project.