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Monthly Archives: December 2018

How a Car Hire Website can make you Rich

Owning a car may be an expensive venture to some of us, so we opt to hire instead, whenever need be. There is always demand for cars. There is always demand for money as well. People who own more than one car may want to rent out one, from time to time. This is also a full time business to some – they buy cars and lease them out, full time. The following are tips on how a car hire website can make you rich.

In Nairobi, the car hire business is booming, especially during the holidays, when most of us need to travel. You can take advantage of this, look out for a few car owners, sign up contracts and rent out their cars – you do not need to own a car for the business to work!

Click HERE to check out an example. People rent out cars from as low as Ksh. 2500 per day, depending on the model or the fuel consumption of the particular car. This can go up to Ksh. 20000 per day for high-end cars. With a website such as the one on this link, you can easily get bookings from across the country.

Some precautions you will need to take for such a business; ensure that all the cars are fitted with trackers – just in case – and ensure that you have the required licenses to operate the business.

Grow your hustle!