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Monthly Archives: February 2018

You should ask your designer these things before your project begins

You are excited about your new project. You have also found the perfect designer to handle your project. You should do yourself a favor by asking somethings that will save you time and money. You should ask your designer these things before your project begins.

  • Budget

This should be the first question to ask the designer. You should be aware of the cost implications for your project. This will help you in planning on any financing as the project happens.

  • Deadline

You should be aware on how soon the project will be ready. Planning a launch date? Do not decide on a launch date, unless you have 100% agreement on this with your designer.

  • Colors

As human beings are visual creatures, colors should be discussed before the designer embarks on the project. If the designer is not aware of the choice of colors, then the project delivery may be derailed as there will be too much back and forth.

  • Audience

Who is your project intended for? Is it an online audience, is it meant for ladies, is it meant for kids? The audience will determine the theme of your project.

  • Fonts

Do you like them curvy, bold or straight? The designer should be aware of your choice of fonts. You should ask them first if they can be able to get your preferred font type. This will indeed save a lot of time during the period of the design project.